Prime Minister James Marape, Well Done at the UNGA 2021

Prime Minister James Marape, 

Your September 2021 speech to the United National General Assembly, is the category of speech, only a few can present, and more so, when it is presented before the Assembly of World Leaders, of  the World Government.

Though this is clearly an unwritten speech, this is speech flow, that for many, including world leaders, would be read from a written version.

You have succinctly advocated your country well, so we'll, that as I am observing you from where I am, you are speaking as if you have stood on that podium before.

Your gesture and your dimeanour speaks its own vocabulary of a man, who not only is full of vision and of hope, but who also knows how and when to get  to your destined vision for your nation. 

Your body is permeated with confidence. Even the air around you commend you. 

I am süre you have captured the hearts of the  audience of world  leaders.

I am sure many have spoken well of your speech, of your associated flow of peace in and during the presentation, and  of course, of Papua New Guinea. Only Prime Minister materials can deliver this category of speech.

You did us proud. Thankyou.

Alfred Kaiabe LLB, ML
Former MP
Komo Margarima Open.

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