Free West Papua Campaign – going over the steps

The steps are following one after the other, fusion, to de – colonize the mindset of Papuans and á nation already born.

Papuans under Dutch rule never refused to adapt to a European state of mind, and embraced the Gospel which says not to perpetuate resentment and a culture of violence. Indonesia is killing. 

The Dutch brought the Gospel, and the ‘white man’s burden’ down, and the promise was there to open up its cities, and in its secular temples of progress — the metro stations and airports and theatres offered the beacon of hope that was unmatched and complete, and gave no space for Papuans to think otherwise about Western civilisation.

Still they were short – changed on their inalienable right to be free, if they wish. 

Indonesia is not Dutch, and never will be.

Free West Papua Campaign Norway(photo: thank you Natalie for coming to PNG) and other West Papua support groups in Europe, and throughout the free world, have gone out of their comfort zone to push the issue the world refused to hear for a long time.

And, the hard yards come, catching Indonesia flat – footed on any international diplomacy incurred since its invasion and claim to sovereignty over the former Dutch colony for up to 50 years plus. 

It is full marks to Free West Papua Campaign which has successfully launched a civil society response to the genocide across the border perpetrated by the Indonesian authorities and its military since 1960s through a petition that secured 2 million voices inside occupied West Papua calling for referendum now before the UN organs responsible for de - colonization. 

UN Secretary - General Kofi Annan (some years ago, 1990s) viewed human rights crisis occuring in conflict hotspots of the world as humanity's biggest challenge to contain, and called for state - actors and non - state actors to put in a concerted effort to stop the man - made problem.

After the hollocaust and genocide of World War 2, the catch - cry was 'never again'. But, it is happening across the Papuan border. We know from documented evidence that between 500,000 - 1 million Papuans have paid the price of calling for freedom with their lives. And, counting, today. 

The PNG government, and Parliament, has yet to lead, and does not speak for its citizens on West Papua.

Papuans just want freedom. 

Let West Papua Vote! Read on:

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