West Papua - The Quasi State?

According to Montevideo Convention, place becomes a state when it has:

(1) a defined territory;

(2) a permanent population;

(3) a government; and,

(4) the capacity to enter into relations with other states. Meeting all of these fulfils the declarative theory of state. 

It follows that the referendum - constitution method being the other theory of how nations should form.

West Papua is qualified to be independent. It has met the prerequisites:

(1) passionate aspirations for freedom was there from day one, and freedom fighters continue to do so. The latest New Zealand pilot kidnapping incident and all the world news about it is evidence of passionate aspirations by a people for freedom.

It is an inalienable human right. And, West Papua put its hands up from day one.

Checked. Passed.

(2) Articulate demands for freedom. ULMWP is the umbrella organisation putting the case for self determination very well.

 First, MSG, PIF, ACP, and then one or all of those regional political regional and sub - regional political groupings can verbalise their support at the UN General Assembly.

Checked. Passed.

(3) Popular mobilisation. The civil society protested against the 1969 Act of Free Choice because only 1022 indigenous Papuans voted out of a population of about 700,000 at the time.

Then, OPM took up the liberation struggle and the momentum increased, escalated, and the West Papua issue reached the UN General Assembly for debate.

It will continue. The fraud of West Papua is exposed today.

Checked. Passed.

(4) Articulate arguments. The Dutch argument that West Papua was racially different from other ethnic groups in Indonesia led to the deadlock over West Papua between the Netherlands/Indonesia between 1945 and 1949.

The New York Agreement provided for a referendum supervised by the UN to allow indigenous Papuans to exercise a right to self - determine.

Only 2022 indigenous Papuans voted under gun - point to choose integration with Indonesia.

ULMWP has united pro - freedom groups who are lobbying the region with articulate arguments to separate from Indonesia. 

And, the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Peoples Rights (UNDRIP), 2007 is driving the racial argument for West Papua to step up on the roadmap to freedom.

Now, this one. ULMWP has rejected the Uti Possidetis Juris principle of international law which Indonesia used to claim West Papua as part of its territory since 1960s. There were 2 points:(1) 1969 AFC failed to give one - man one - vote or provide the free choice and international best practice;and, (2) If West Papua remained a colony after Indonesia declared its independence in 1945, which led to the Netherlands/Indonesia deadlock then the decolonization process is yet to be completed by Indonesia.

Checked. Passed.

West Papua is a quasi state. Taiwan is. Palestine is. East Timor was, until the UN resolution caused Indonesia to collapse, its claim to sovereignty over East Timor shred to pieces.

And, referendum was held. In 1999, the majority chose separation. It is long - past time for West Papua to be free.

Papua Merdeka!

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