We, the people of West Papua, Ask the united nations to immediately enter the state of Indonesia so that the great nation of west papua is out of Indonesian's grasp. Today, Marc 15, 2022, two (2) Community members in Yahukimo Regency, a native of Papua, took to the streets this morning to reject the Indonesian's Government's Policy of acclerating the southern expansion of the PPS and the new Autonomius regions of the new autonomius regions. So that the Yahukimo masses remain abouve the sight of the Race of the papuan nation so that the state of west Papua is established. Help us papuans because stoday we want to live freely in our country west papuans to be free and prosperaous in prosperity for the papuan people. The president of the Republic of indonesia and the minister of Moldion and they have killed the papuan people by facilitating Armed forces, namely the TNI-POLRI throughout the land of the Melanesian Race of West Papua. Please come for the UN intervention in west papua. The President of the Republic of Indonesia did not solve the problem in West Papua, but he suppoted the case that accourred in UKRAINA. While he allowed the papuan people to be exterminated so that the papuan victims everywhere happened. So please monitor the world immediately UN intervention into West Papua. 

By: Boychild Goroka

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