The sun is rising. West Papua will be free.

2017; Nature says much when you notice you are part of a larger scheme of things.

I captured this sunrise here, at Yine Beach, Yako Village, near the Refugee Camp. Papuan freedom fighters were part of this environment in the late 1960s when intellectuals among them littered the beach west of the Yako Refugee Camp seen engulfed in a different existence, reading books. 

Our black brothers had lost their space to the Indonesian predator species. The root of the suffering is still bitter then, and today. But, the readings into the root cause of the demise of aspirations for freedom and sovereignty paid off. 

Indonesia is in West Papua because of the gold, that we know. We also know West Papua has put its case to the international society begining with MSG and PIF. UN involvement is only a matter of mechanics. It all started here. Yako Refugee Camp. 

The sun is rising. West Papua will be free.

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