OPM Chariperson Jeffrey Bomanak threatens His Own People

Papua New Guinea the half of West Papua recognizes Chairman of OPM, Commander Jeffrey Bomanak as the legitimate leader of West Papua's fight for freedom.
Other self promoted leaders are not welcome in PNG.

This threat is directed to ULMWP Leaders and members reading in Papua New Guinea.

Both ULMWP and OPM are fighting for West Papua independence. both Jeffrey Bomanak and Sebby Sambon were founders of the ULMWP. However right now they are threatening other West Papuans if they do not support OPM and his leadership.

Threatening other West Papuans is a new move and the threat is now coming to public. Is it allowed to hold shot machine guns and display it as threat to fellow citizens in Papua New Guinea?

Is there any government agents inside PNG Government involved and sponsoring such act of terror? Why the right for independence is now threatening own peoples?

Only God knows! Only time will tell!!

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