American and British companies have been complicit in the mass murders and genocide imposed on West Papua ever since 1963.

The profits these conglomerates have made are stained with millions and millions of liters of blood of the Melanesians of West Papua. 

The United Nations is fully aware of this since the days leading up to the Act of No Choice.

A few years earlier in 1945 the UN was formed and it made a universal declaration of human rights in 1948 primarily on the twin  tragedies of war and racism, especially the the world wars and the holocaust.

The UN declaration has never been that inclusive because racism still plagues its vision of human which never really celebrated an inclusive humanity the world over.

The UN promoted both democracy and human rights by aligning governments with the business of managing human rights which in turn surfed in a notional waves of  democracies. 

The winds that gave the waves that allow human rights to ride have now changed and we are seeing the rise of capitalist authoritarianism. In West Papua this is marked chiefly by the American ownership of the Free Port Mine and British operations in the fuels of hydrocarbon industry.

This capitalist authoritarianism has a stable and an expansionist character. It's stability is supported by the frameworks of state governments. It is capitalist in its economic orientations, authoritarian in its politics and nationalist in its ideology. The relationship between Indonesia and West Papua is the closest examplification of a capitalist authoritarian regime at work.

This corporate regime of capitalist authoritarianism is impervious, hostile and has complete disregard nor does it have any respect for human rights.

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