West Papua - 2015: 6 Years Ago

2021, 55 years of Indonesian occupation industry.

PNG is hit by or absorbing the Covid 19 scare. Or, scam. And, the independent Papuan nation to the east of the island of New Guinea regroups its slogans.

 The notion is to keep the momentum and therefore meet the challenges of nation building. 

PNG foreign policy on West Papua after 55 years, is fluid, unclear, or buried between a rock and hard place.

ULMWP and formation of the ' frozen State' begun by the Dutch before Indonesia invaded in 1962 the former Dutch colony is to be pushed by PNG.

West Papua issue is already on the table. And, MSG consideration of its application for full membership of MSG is in order.

55 years of struggle for freedom is too long.

Papua Merdeka!

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