Tentara Revolusi West Papua


Chief Gen. WPRA Mathias Wenda, the Supreme Commander of West Papua Revolutionary Army delivers speeches. It is stated that Indonesia is a colonial power, that come to the land of Melanesian people to steal, to take and to kill. They came with full of lies, they stay with full of lies and therefore, they must go out from Melanesian land.

It is also mentioned that we are fighting against the Indonesian colonial state, not against the human beings. We love and we fight for human beings to be free from colonialism. Those Indonesians and Melanesians are all human beings. We are created in the image of God, but Indonesians do not respect human beings other than Malays-Asians. They regard us Melanesians non-humans, half-humans and call us "monkeys", "dogs" and "pigs". Therefore this fight is the fight in defence of human identity and dignity.

All over the world, in Asia, Europe, America, Nelson Mandela, we are civilised humans. We do not regard and call other human as half-animal. But this racist mentality and treatment exists within Indonesian official system and expressed by people with Indonesian military and police uniforms. All human beings against this very perception and treatment.

West Papuan ordinary people should not take law into their own hands, the revolutionary army are ready to wage war against colonialism, therefore, all should answer the Supreme Commander and fight this war against colonialism with rules and disciplines as the world is watching what we are doing in West Papua.

Chief Gen. Wenda is accompanied by his Secretariat-General Officers as welk as Gen. WPRA Amunggut Tabi and Lt. Gen. WPRA Yalpi Yikwa.

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