West Papua - The Occupation Industry, 2021.

2015. It is 6 years later, today.
Indigenous Melanesian Papuans have continued to put their case for self determination.

 The correct steps happened right from the beginning, as the waves of decolonisation swept through Africa, Asia, and Pacific. West Papua was also qualified to demand self - rule and independence. It met the bar: (1) passionate aspirations; (2) articulate demands; and, (3) popular mobilisation.

It did not happen. But, will. It is a matter of time, when, time capsule. Another Saigon. The next Kabul.

Here is why.

(1) West Papua as a non - European country, and beyond the empire, was a casualty of colonialism and its corrosive effects. And, the colonial context of the West Papua Conflict is evidence that calls for a verdict.

(2) 21st Century international politics is embedded in empire - building. 

The rise of Taliban and the fall of Kabul seemed to be another Saigon. It became the order of the day as the US suffered defeat at the hands of nationalists who rejected the reasons for US presence in Afghanistan.

(3) After 20 years, the US's war against Taliban was successful. Taliban was replaced by Taliban. 

The argument for self - determination option was followed, and packaged for the international community, but the US failed to convince the world that it was the ' mother of democracy'.

(4) In 1969, the ' mother of democracy' walked out on West Papua.

We shall overcome. Someday.

Free West Papua!

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