Hello Beautiful Nation of Papua New Guinea

Hello Beautiful Nation of Papua New Guinea.🇵🇬
Happy independence celebration.
This special event mark's the important people who struggled up to this time under the leadership of our late Grand Chief Michael Thomas Somare to bring hope and happiness leaving the darkness.

We will raise our flag with Joy to remember this special day for we're grateful of our Nations father's have brought us light to live happily not like our ancestors who lived in fear of death and fight in darkness. We were being enemies once, now we're Papua New Guinea'ns friends in oneness as we pledge to stand together as one people, one nation and one country.


Mr Hal Holman is the designer of our Nations flag..
Susan Karike from Meii village of Gulf Province was one of the contributing factor in 1971 who came up with the colour scheme ,while being a student at the Sacred Heart Mission School in Yule Island who submitted the final version through national competition.

On September 16th, 1975, the new PNG 🇵🇬 flag carrying Susan's design was raised at the Independence Hill at Waigani, in Port Moresby.

Sadly Susan Passed away on her sickbed in Pom Gen and was burried as another ordinary Citizen without any recognition from state or a fitting state funeral.
Nothing was done to honour Susan when she lived.

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